sarado talim talahanayan hibla ng laser sheet cutting machine na may cypcut controller

Buong Isinara ng Pattle Table Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine Sa Cypcut Controller

Mga pagtutukoy

Cutting Speed:30000mm/min max
Suportadong Graphic Format: AI, BMP, DST, DXF, PLT
Application: Laser Cutting
Kalagayan: Bago
Pagputol ng Kapal: Depende
CNC o Hindi: Oo
Paglamig Mode: Tubig paglamig
Control Software:Lasercut
Lugar ng Pinagmulan: Anhui, China (Mainland)
Model Number:FC-403CG
Certification: CCC, CE, ISO
Working area:4000*300*300mm
X/Y Positioning Accuracy:±0.02mm
Z Positioning Accuracy:±0.008mm
X/Y Repeat Accuracy:±0.015mm
Uri ng Laser: Fiber laser
Laser power:500W-2000W
Max. Moving Speed:80m/min
X/Y Max. Acceleration:0.8G
Cooling mode:Water-cooling
Ang Serbisyo ng Pagkatapos-benta na Ibinibigay: Ang mga inhinyero ay magagamit sa makinarya sa ibang bansa

Paglalarawan ng Produkto

Application ng Produkto
It can cut metal rectangular pipe, round metal pipe, and tube shaped pipes and other profiles. Cutting, holing, punching, slop cutting, intersecting, lettering and carving functions can be achieve on various pipe through FC-403CG.

Mainly suitable for fitness equipment, home office, kitchen cabinet and other sectors of pipe.

Pipes: Regular pipe, rectangular pipe, shaped tubes and other profiles.

Lugar ng trabaho
Laser power
Pagputol ng bilis
0-30m / min
X/Y Positioning Accuracy
± 0.02mm
Z Positioning Accuracy
± 0.008mm
Uri ng laser
Hibla ng laser
Paglamig mode
Pagpapalamig ng tubig
X/Y Repeat Accuracy
X/Y Max. Acceleration
Workbench max loading weight

Pangunahing Mga Tampok

1. High light conversion rate, above 30%, much higher than CO2 and YAG

2. Energy saving, no auxiliary air is needed, save cost as well as electricity

3. Maintenance free, no optical adjustment needed before starting.

4. Wavelength is only 1/10 of Co2 laser, but with high watt density, very suitable on cutting metal.

5. Fiber optical cable transfer, stable and simple

6. Protective lens in the cutting head, can protect focus lens

How to make a FANCH?

● Everything is starting at making a sturdy machine bed. Using 12mm thickness steel slab, Fanch workers cutting it according to the designed size and seamless welding the structure.

● But that is not good enough to make the sturdy bed. The whole structure quenching at 600℃ is necessary to reduce the mutua repulsion between different steel structure parts.

● In order to get the light but firm gantry, Fanch apply one piece casting aluminum. Seamless make the gantry more stable during fast moving.

● ±0.05 mm deviation straightness of machine bed surface can be got by our Germany imported milling machine. This is the root base of working accuracy and long life service.

● Top brand spare parts further make sure the accuracy, stability and long life span of a Fanch machine.